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Canada Job
Trends Update
- National, Provincial
and City Labour Markets

Gender Realities
- Men and
Women at home,
at work and play -
National and
Provincial Trends

Labour Crunch to
- National
and Provincial
Labour Force

Provincial People
Patterns 2007
- Social and
Demographic Trends

Canadian Age
Trends and
Transitions to
- How We Are Shaping Our
Shared Future

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What others say about Roger Sauvé and his two books "Canadian People Patterns" and "Borderlines" ...

What others say about Roger Sauvé and People Patterns Consulting

  • This is a layman’s overview of current demographic and socio-economic conditions and their expected impact on Canadian society in the twenty-first century.
    —Perspectives on Labour and Income, Statistics Canada
  • In Canadian People Patterns, Roger Sauvé presents some fascinating information to help people plan their lives within the context of a changing society.
    —The Globe and Mail
  • Unless you believe in fortune-tellers with crystal balls, you’re not likely to find anyone who knows all the answers to those questions for sure. But Roger Sauvé can give you a pretty good guess.
    —The Ottawa Citizen
  • Roger Sauvé paints by numbers. But he doesn’t churn out landscapes. Sauvé paints his portraits with charts, graphs and numerical analysis, not a brush or palette. Sauvé brings numbers to life.
    —The Leader-Post
  • This "witty, punchy and personal" book features lots of numbers, tables and charts – but it’s not a book about statistics. Rather it’s about "average" North Americans, our similarities and differences.
    —The Calgary Herald
  • But aside from its usefulness as a reference and planning tool, this book will be readable and invaluable to anyone requiring an understanding of patterns in Canadian society.
    —Canadian Business Review, The Conference Board in Canada
  • Canadian People Patterns is an excellent investment of time for the reader who is desirous of obtaining general information of Canadian trends, present and future.
    —CABE News, Canadian Association for Business Economics
  • Sauvé not only points out "the cute and witty" similarities and differences, he also forces us to acknowledge our own stereotypes and misconceptions about ourselves.
    —Nelson Daily News
  • Fascinating comparison of Canadians, Americans.
    —Winnipeg Free Press
  • …this is a fine, bold, unambiguous book that makes some reasonable guesses about the future.
    —The Province
  • Author Roger Sauvé has compiled a valuable set of demographic patterns and trends of the Canadian people.
    —The Futurist
  • This reference book is a source of engrossing information and prophesies. It should find an interested readership in any educational institution above the elementary level. 
    —Canadian Materials for Young People

Roger Sauve of People Patterns Consulting has prepared several reports for the Vanier Institute of the Family and these are available for free at in their publications section.