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Canada Job
Trends Update
- National, Provincial
and City Labour Markets

Gender Realities
- Men and
Women at home,
at work and play -
National and
Provincial Trends

Labour Crunch to
- National
and Provincial
Labour Force

Provincial People
Patterns 2007
- Social and
Demographic Trends

Canadian Age
Trends and
Transitions to
- How We Are Shaping Our
Shared Future

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Here are a few suggestions

NATIONAL PEOPLE PATTERNS - A timely discussion of the social, economic and demographic trends affecting Canada as a whole. The presentation can focus on specific segments and sectors as the request of clients.

PROVINCIAL PEOPLE PATTERNS - A timely discussion of the social, economic and demographic trends affecting your province. Include comparisons and rankings relative to other provinces and the national averages. Based on a recent publication by the same title.

CANADIAN AGE TRENDS AND PROJECTIONS - A discussion of the current demographic trends and projections relating to the changing age structure and its implication for the schools, education, families and households, labour force, sport, recreation, crime, health and health spending, household finances, and households spending.

NATIONAL AND PROVINCIAL JOB MARKETS TRENDS AND PROJECTIONS - A close look at labour force trends covering employment, unemployment, participation, age and sex differences, wages, occupations, industries, shortages, migration, retirement and numerous other topics related to the job market.

CANADIAN FAMILY FINANCES - An honest look at the real financial situation facing Canadian families and individuals. Topics include earnings, family incomes, income taxes, spending, savings, debt, wealth, inequality and bankruptcies.

Typically 30 to 60 minutes.