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Canadian Age Trends and Transitions to 2016
How we are shaping our shared future

Over 300 age-based projections about the future of Canada

The future covers households, the labour force, education, time use, physical activities, sports, cultural activities, health care, crime, finances and household expenditures. All of the projections start in 2003 and end in 2016. The report sells for $39.95 plus GST and this includes free shipping. See the table of contents below.

The premise behind this report is very simple. We all know that Canada's age structure will continue to change. We also know that, on average, people do certain things at predictable times in their lives as we go through life transitions. This report combines the future age trends and the latest life transitions and paints an exciting and plausible picture of the future. This is a future, that we are shaping by simply being ourselves.

Canadian Age Trends and Transitions to 2016 will assist forward-looking individuals, thinkers and planners in business, government, labour organizations, investment counseling, educational institutions, economic and social development groups, libraries, consulting, non-profits and the average Canadian. Don't be left out of the future.

The author, Roger Sauvé, President of People Patterns Consulting, has over 30 years experience covering provincial, national and international trends. Roger is the author of numerous reports and books. He has been quoted in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, CBC, CTV, Global, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Get the full picture with 46 charts and tables and informed commentary. All in 52 pages!

Go directly to order form or check out the table of contents listed below.

Table of contents

    • Highlights and major conclusions
    • The fertility rate rose, fell and remains below the replacement rate
    • The Baby-Boom (1947-1966) is born
    • The Baby-Bust (1967-1979) is much smaller
    • The Baby-Boom Echo (1967-1999) was the result
    • The Future Generation to 2016
    • Moving From A “Death Creep” To A “Death Leap”
    • Naturally” the Canadian population could begin to shrink
    • Record high immigration built into the future
    • Canada’s Population Is Heading To 35 Million By 2016
    • The age structure is most important to the future
    • We just keep on getting older
    • Shrinking size of youth groups
    • Ups and downs for the core-adult population
    • Grey-Power arrives as the first Baby-Boomers turn 65 in 2012
    • Dependency ratios not a problem … yet
    • Household Numbers – Steady advance for housing
    • Labour Force – Towards a shortage in spite of record immigration
    • Formal Education – It depends on the level
    • How We Use Our Time – More free time
    • Physical Recreation Activity – Dancing in the garden
    • Amateur Sport – Shortage of umpires
    • Cultural Activities – The sprouting of the couch potato
    • Unhealthy Living – An obese future
    • Personal Health Status – The reality of cancer
    • Crime – The peak is near
    • Household Finances – Looking better … in the future
    • Household Spending – Variety is the spice of life
      • The Top 25 in future growth – Gifts galore
      • The Bottom 25 in future growth – The demise of the tent trailer
      • Growth in expenditures by major category – A range of choices
      • Projected growth for 226 items, sub-totals and totals by major category – The joy and the profit is in the details

    Order the full report today and be ready for tomorrow. Only $39.95 plus GST.