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Men and Women at home, work and play
National and Provincial Trends

This timely report examines all of the major aspects of your lives … and does so for both sexes. There are differences and there are similarities. These are your stories. The findings present a basis for discussion and debate. There is information for each province. It also provides current and accurate resources for challenging trivia games around the kitchen table. This is both a serious and a fun report.

The report is for individual men and women, for couples who need a better understanding of the changing world in which they live, for discussion and planning groups within non-profits, business, governments, pressure groups, labour groups, churches and educators.

The time-span for each of the 63 individual topics is a snapshot of the latest reality and/or covers changing trends over several years or even decades. The comparisons are based on information from reputable sources and are the latest information available. Sources are given for all topics.

There is some interpretation, but as is typical of reports prepared by this author, the reader is encouraged to see how the shifting realities relate to their own situation. The report is not filled with the author’s personal opinions on morality and what is right and wrong about the evolving society. This is a portrait of life as it is being lived today.

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The complete trend headings are listed below.

Table of contents

    • POPULATION COUNT: Females in the minority till 45-49 years of age
    • LIFE EXPECTANCY: Women outlive men by 4.6 years, down from 7 years
    • AVERAGE AGE: 40 for women and 38 for men
    • PAID WORKFORCE – Women nearing the 50% share of paid jobs
    • AROUNG THE HOUSE – Women do a lot more unpaid work than men
    • WORLD RANKINGS – Canadian women rank 12th in World Gender Empowerment
    • HAPPINESS – Married wives not as satisfied as their husbands
    • SENSE OF COMMUNITY – Sense of belonging very similar for men and women
    • VOTING – Men and women just as likely to vote
    • CHANGE – Women experience and feel more change in their lives
    • RELIGION - Belief in god falls sharply among men
    • LIVING AT HOME – Men stay with their parents longer than do women
    • HEALTH RATINGS – Men and women have similar self-ratings on health
    • DRINKING – Men more than twice as likely to be “binge drinkers”
    • SMOKING – Men still out smoke women
    • WEIGHT – Males more likely to be overweight or obese
    • FITNESS – Men do more active leisure-time activities
    • COMMUTING  – More women walk to work or use public transit
    • STRESS – Women more stressed with life
    • MENTAL HEALTH – Women have more mood disorders
    • HEALTH CARE DOLLARS – More dollars for women, especially during fertile years
    • LEGAL MARITAL STATUS – More widows than widowers
    • MARRIAGE ODDS – Less than half of singles will legally marry before 50
    • COMMON-LAW RELATIONSHIPS – Peaks at 25-29 years of age
    • AGE AT LEGAL MARRIAGE – Later … especially for same-sex couples
    • DIVORCE – Four-in-ten will likely part before 50thanniversary
    • BABIES – A first! More babies to those 30-34 than for any other age group
    • “UNMARRIED ” MOTHERS –  Growing percentage for mothers in their 30s
    • CHILD CARE SPACES – Lack of regulated places
    • STUDENT ASSESSMENT TESTS – Girls stronger reading skills, weaker in math
    • LANGUAGES – Females under 35 are more likely to be bilingual
    • POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION – Younger women hold the advantage
    • CURRENT SUBJECTS OF STUDY: Both male and females high on business
    • CHANGING SUBJECTS OF STUDY – More women in social sciences
    • PAID EMPLOYMENT RATE – Women narrow the gap relative to men
    • JOB TENURE – Job duration for women approaching that for men
    • JOB PERMANENCE – Men much more likely to have full-time jobs
    • SELF-EMPLOYMENT – More men are incorporated and have paid help
    • MOONLIGHTING – More women than men now have more than one paid job
    • CURRENT STRUCTURE OF OCCUPATIONS – Retail sales number one for both
    • CHANGES IN OCCUPTIONS – Shifts to more non-traditional jobs for both genders
    • WORKING MOTHERS – Many more mothers with young children at paid jobs
    • WORKING PARENTS – More fathers than mothers at paid work
    • PART-TIME WORK – More women than men work part-time to care for family
    • RETIREMENT – Women now retire just a bit later than men
    • UNEMPLOYMENT – Higher jobless rates for men for two decades
    • UNEMPLOYMENT DURATION – An extra week of unemployment for men
    • ANNUAL EARNINGS – Women are slowly catching up
    • FAMILY EARNERS – Over one-quarter of wives now out-income husbands
    • HOURLY EARNINGS – Women earn 87% of men at full-time but 109% at part-time
    • AVERAGE HOURS OF PAID WORK –  More paid hours per week for men
    • UNIONIZATION – Sharp drop among men, slow advance among women
    • HIGH INCOME EARNERS – Many more men than women
    • THE WORKING POOR – More women than men
    • WORKPLACE CONDITIONS – Advantage for men for most measures
    • POVERTY – Women narrow poverty gap, except among elderly
    • INSOLVENCIES – Women almost as likely to go bankrupt as men
    • RADIO AND TELEVISION VIEWING - Men watch much more sports
    • WEEKLY ACTIVITIES – More women socialize than men
    • SPORTS – Women just as likely to be coaches
    • COMMUNITY SPIRIT – Women volunteer/ donate more but give less hours/money
    • VIOLENT CRIMES – Men comprise the vast majority of the accused
    • PROPERTY AND OTHER CRIMES – More women worry about being home alone

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